Posted by: Ravi Saraogi | June 26, 2012

The Libertarian Reading List – The 30 day challenge


F.A. Hayek

I recently came across a collection of 30 articles, meant to be read over 30 days, to understand the Austrian school of economics. Why I think this is important –

1) With the global economy in turmoil, we keep hearing about different policy prescriptions to deal with the crisis. It is a good time now to get acquainted with the different school of economic thoughts. This will help in making sense of the wonderful debate that brews everyday in the blogosphere.

2) I feel the Austrian perspective on Economics is ignored in educational institutes. The set of 30 articles may be a good starting point to coherently understand the Austrian school. So while we know quite a bit on Keynesian economics, the above looks like a good place to read about a starkly different point of view.

Disclaimer – I have not yet read any of the articles. 30 articles in 30 days seems difficult for me. So I have customized the challenge as the 120 day challenge. Will try to cover one article in 4 days. In case I stick to this and have something interesting to share, will update on a follow up blog post.



  1. That is quite a list. I had my tryst with Austrian Economics by way of reading material distributed at a seminar at St Stephen’s College. I shall read the papers here to see whether it changes my views about the Austrian School. 🙂

    It is nice that you are blogging again !

    • @ Anand – I am surprised reading material on Austrian school were distributed at a seminar. Happy reading !!!

  2. I would believe that you support the Austrian school of economics only when you read and share all these articles that you talk about.

    • @Somya – Ha ha.. Ok.. I will try to read all of them..

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